Choosing the right bus charter service

chartered-bus-serviceAre you thinking of renting a bus charter service for a long trip? A bus can be a great way for you to comfortably transport a number of people over a long distance at a much cheaper price than everyone taking individual vehicles. It certainly is much cheaper than chartering a plane. And if you’re smart enough, you can call ahead and get great discounts on your accommodation en-route. The bus service may just be able to help you with this as well so don’t forget to ask them about it. Most of the newer buses available today are quite comfortable as well. Many of them even have comforts that are comparable with your home.

In order to figure out the type of bus service you should choose you will have to figure out a few things:

  • The first thing you have to know is the number of people that are traveling with you. Bus services usually have quite a few options for you to choose from ranging from buses which can hold as few as 9 passengers to buses that can carry as many as 45 passengers. It is also obvious that you will want a bus that’s more comfortable when going on long trips. This may be excusable on shorter trips, but certainly not for long trips.
  • As far as finding the right service is concerned, it is always good for you to try out a few options. Call up charter services and ask them about their charges and what they offer. Not every service is going to be the same. There are quite a few out there after all. All you need is some research and you will certainly find one that fits your needs perfectly. Make sure you get all your quotes in writing though. You should have all the details regarding their fuel costs, deposits, rates and fees.


  • Once a deal has been struck, before paying the deposit, it is important that you get information regarding the bus they will be providing. This means finding out the license plate number as well as the make, model and year of the bus. You will also need to figure out how frequently they are serviced. One more thing, clarify who is going to be responsible for all the parking fees, tolls and accommodation for the driver during the journey.
  • Find out what additional features are being offered by the bus service as well. Some may offer you screens and DVD players so that passing the time is easier. Some may even have more luxurious amenities such as bathrooms, kitchenettes, showers, etc. Don’t forget to compare the perks on offer by the various services you are considering as well.
  • Lastly, ensure the bus has a good safety record and all the proper insurance. The worst thing that could happen to you would be the bus breaking down halfway through the trip leaving you and your group stranded somewhere on the highway. No one wants a nasty surprise like that.

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